Frequently Asked Questions


No-one is dumb who is curious.

The people who don’t ask questions remain clueless throughout their lives.

-Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Are you a member of an association?

We are a proud member of Australian Bookkeepers Association and Australian Bookkeepers Network.

Are you a BAS Agent?

Yes! We are excited to be able to provide BAS Agent services to you. You can search the Tax Practitioners Board Register for us here:

Will you come to our workplace?

While our services are primarily online (we host meetings online as well) we will endeavour to meet you onsite where it is required.

WHy do I need a bookkeeper?

You might not, whether you need one or not is completely up to you. To assist, we have listed a few situations where you might need us.

  • I know how to do it myself, but I am just running out of time.

  • I just don’t understand anything about my books and just need a little bit of training or support.

  • I’ve been doing my books for years, but I’m just not confident I am doing them in the most efficient or correct way.

This list is not limited, everyone has their own reason for hiring a bookkeeper, ask us if we are able to help your situation, the first consultation is free.

My finance staff member has suddenly left, can you help?

Yes! We want your business to run as smoothly possible, and we would love to help you through such a stressful time.

We are more than happy to stand in until your staff member is healthy enough to come back to work, or when you have found a replacement - depending on your individual situation.

What is management accounting?

Management Accounting is currently seen mostly in larger businesses, it is not a new concept, however it is a newer concept in small to medium sized businesses.

This is due to how difficult it has been to access in the past for smaller businesses. However, that is rapidly changing due to technological advances and it is now more important than ever to take on the opportunity to understand your business at this level.

It is the art of increasing efficiencies within your business through setting goals (Budgets/KPIs) and measurement (Regular Reporting).

We work with you to determine what your business goals are and take on all the hard work of measuring those goals, reporting back to you with our analysis - however frequently you like (although we do suggest monthly as a minimum).